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Ursidae Lair

Scotch Tasting Lounge, Jasper AB


Jasper's Coziest Lair

Welcome to Ursidae Lair, Jasper’s premiere non-pretentious Scotch Tasting Lounge.

About Us.

Ursidae Lair is a Scotch Tasting Lounge in Jasper, Alberta.  Established in 2023 by local business woman Kim Stark, Ursidae Lair aims to provide a portal into to the world of scotch cocktails for all who enter.

Kim is what you could call an unexpected Scotch enthusiast. Like many of us, Kim was initially apprehensive of the Scotch world, feeling like an outsider in highfalutin rooms filled with smoky drinks, suits, and cigars. When she discovered the approachable, non-pretentious, downright delicious world of Scotch cocktails, she felt a genuine connection with this world that previously seemed unreachable. 

Kim’s Ursidae Lair aims to bring you into the world of Scotch in the same way.  At Ursidae, you will find all the staples of a Scotch lounge: smoked drinks, dram, well tidy scran, and over 31 choices of premiere Scotch.  You’ll even find a selection of Siogars.  

All are welcome at Ursidae Lair. Slàinte Mhath!


Swallie & Well Tidy Scran

Drink, Snack, & Relax in the Lair

Ursidae has a compelling list of scotches and scotch cocktails. Be transported from Speyside to the Highlands and back again in an evening.  A selection of wine, beer, hard cider, and non-alcoholic drinks is also available.

We provide a nourishing menu of Well Tidy Scran to compliment your outing. Try the sausage roll or veggie pocket. Share the edamame or charcuterie jar. Switch to sweets with a cheesecake or affogato.


4 Pyramid Lake Rd, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0

Open Hours

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7:30 pm – 1am
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed

We look forward to serving you at Ursidae Lair. Please reach out via the contact form with any questions.

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